Pictures from Christmas in Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on December 27, 2019

Janet and I arrived a few days before our group of families arrive for our Christmas Family Holy Land Pilgrimage. We took a few pictures while walking around today and thought you might enjoy them.


In the heart of Nebraska there is a spectacular Catholic Boys Camp run by my friend and enthusiastic priest, Fr. Scott Courtney. He has several of these camps per summer. 

The boys celebrate a reverent Mass every day, wrestle and play manly games, memorize Scripture, hike and explore and have a great week. What an excellent experience – and it will produce priests too.

If you want to send a boy to this amazing camp or contact Fr. Courtney, you can write here:

See this year’s camp video here: iCloud4G.mp4.

See last year’s camp video below.

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Enjoy another charmed day in the Emerald Isle with more shades of green than you’ve ever seen.


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