On the last day of our fantastic St. Augustine Catholic pilgrimage, I went out on the shore of the Atlantic for some beautiful shots and video of the sunrise and the waves coming in.

We had a nice Mass and lots of fun comments and heartfelt farewells. Enjoy!


We had a relaxed morning today and everyone had time to walk along the beach and enjoy the sunny location before we boarded our bus and left at 10:30 for the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche (of the Milk) at Mission Nombre de Dios (Name of God).

The name of the milk comes from the shrine of our Lady at the Milk Grotto in Bethlehem. This grotto is where the Holy Family lived after the birth of Jesus and the place where the Wise Men visited them. A drop of milk fell to the ground as Mary nursed Jesus and the whole inside of the cave turned white and the white powder from that cave has miraculous powers today for pregnancies and lactation for mothers with difficult situations

This is also the site where Menendez landed after crossing the Atlantic ocean from Spain. In 1565. It is significant that he stepped over to kiss the foot of the cross before he planted the Spanish flag. This demonstrated his whole purpose for coming here — closing the land in the name of God.

Everyone received a gift from Corporate Travel—a very nice folding chair for our outdoor Rosary and Mass — and what perfect weather it was!

While at the waterfront grounds of “Mission Nombre de Dios”, we enjoyed a tour of the museum, an overview of the grounds, and the history of the Marian Shrine and start of Christianity in America.  A delicious (and substantial) picnic lunch was been arranged for the group.  After lunch I gave my talk “The Unknown Sorrows of Mary” and “How to Deal with Family and Friends Who’ve Left the Catholic Faith”. We also prayed the Rosary at the Chapel of Our Lady.

Free time for private prayer, to explore the grounds, or to visit the gift shop.  We ended the day with Mass at the rustic outdoor altar celebrated by Fr. Kevin Peek. The REAL first Thanksging was celebrated here! After time to regroup at our hotel we went to the quaint private dinner at the historic Rain Tree Restaurant.


The bus took off at 8 AM this morning for the Cathedral built in 1793-97 which was built on the site of the first church from 1565. This was the first church ever built in the United States, the first town built and where the first baptisms took place in the United States. For that reason, had Mass and renewed our baptismal vows this morning. Quite nice!

We visited the Fountain of Youth and a trolley car tour of the town and it’s Catholic history. Our Catholic guide was an evangelist! Free afternoon with lounge chairs to enjoy the sun and sand on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean or in the Old City.  Evening free in the quaint, Old World-feel of pedestrian-only Old City of St. Augustine’s historic section.


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