Video of Holy Sepulchre Opening Again!

by Steve Ray on May 27, 2020

On Sunday the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem opened again. My good friend Jeries sent me some pictures and videos of the opening day. Join in the solemn yet joyful experience.


This weekend I received two videos from my Nazarean friend and partner Amer Shehadeh. It shows the Israeli freeways full of cars and life getting back to normal in Nazareth. Enjoy thes 28-second clips with his commentary.

We are heading back on July 29 and our bus is already almost sold out. We are very excited to see the Holy Sites WITHOUT crushing crowds and endless lines. Wow!

Here is our Mass schedule which includes the Solemn High Mass at the Tomb of Christ with the freedom to enter the Tomb immediately following the Mass with no lines or waiting. Unbelievable considering the 2-4 hour lines just a few months ago.


  1. On the shore of Galilee,
  2. Mount of Beatitudes,
  3. Mount of Transfiguration,
  4. House of Peter in Capernaum,
  5. Caves of the Shepherds in Bethlehem,
  6. High Mass at the Tomb of Christ,
  7. Garden of Gethsemane,
  8. Notre Dame Center


Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 4.55.58 PM

Friends: I am determined to help our Catholic Christian friends in Jerusalem. There are several families Janet and I know personally and they need help.

The Roman Catholic family at the right is Jeries Majlaton, his wife and three great kids–one of the families we help. Janet and I are long-term friends. Jeries works for the Franciscans inside the Holy Sepulchre and his kids attend the local Catholic school.  There are others too that are currently unemployed and we will distribute the money as needed.

When our groups are in Israel we take up collections for these multiple families but since we are not able to go now for months, we want to continue to collect and donate the assistance. PLEASE HELP!

Already some people have sent me checks to pass the cash on to the Christian families. If you can help send me a check made out to “Steve Ray” 3588 Plymouth Road, #277, Ann Arbor MI 48105-2603.  I will deposit the check in my account and send them the money by Western Union.

Or you can send it as a donation to my payal account and I will make sure they get EVERY penny that you send (except PayPal's 1-2%). Hopefully we can help our brothers and sisters in Christ already suffering, but now more so because of the virus, being unemployed and the lack of pilgrims.


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I love music from Israel and this is one of my favorite, itching to get back!!!

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This musical piece is entitled “Darbuka la Corona.” It is a group of musicians playing from home and integrated into an orchestra. Quite nice. I listen to it every day as a type of prayer with the hopes of getting back to my favorite land soon. Enjoy! By the way, we have an interim pilgrimage […]

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Unhappily this trip was not able to proceed because Israel, for all intents and purposes, closed their borders to all travelers including Americans. Delta also canceled our flights. We are so sorry this has inconvenienced so many, not just our pilgrims, but travelers from around the world. UPDATE 3/12/20  Delta has now canceled their flights to […]

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