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“VATICAN CITY — The Vatican’s doctrinal office on Monday clarified that the Catholic Church does not have the power to give liturgical blessings of homosexual unions.

Answering the question “does the Church have the power to give the blessing to unions of persons of the same sex?,” the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith responded, “negative.”

In an accompanying note, the doctrine office explained that blessings are sacramentals, and “consequently, in order to conform with the nature of sacramentals, when a blessing is invoked on particular human relationships, in addition to the right intention of those who participate, it is necessary that what is blessed be objectively and positively ordered to receive and express grace, according to the designs of God inscribed in creation, and fully revealed by Christ the Lord.”

“Therefore, only those realities which are in themselves ordered to serve those ends are congruent with the essence of the blessing imparted by the Church,” the CDF said.

“For this reason, it is not licit to impart a blessing on relationships, or partnerships, even stable, that involve sexual activity outside of marriage (i.e., outside the indissoluble union of a man and a woman open in itself to the transmission of life), as is the case of the unions between persons of the same sex.”

The ruling and note were approved for publication by Pope Francis and signed by CDF prefect Cardinal Luis Ladaria and secretary Archbishop Giacomo Morandi…..”

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Jimmy Akin does a marvelous job demonstrating how to deal with arrogant “academic” nonsense. There is the maxim: “If you say things often enough, people assume they are true.” But if you are going to spout tired old slanders against the Catholic Church, you better not do it around Jimmy Akin!

Not only does Jimmy eviscerate this fool of a “Senior Scholar at the John’s Hopkins Unversity Center for Health Security”, but he teaches us how to do it ourselves along the way. A good read!

Getting Science and Religion Wrong (Plus COVID Vaccines)
2021-03-06 10:54:02-05
Jimmy Akin writes: “It isn’t often that I come across an editorial filled with as much factual inaccuracy and misunderstanding as the recent one by Dr. Amesh A. Adalja.This is striking, because he’s a Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, and his editorial is on health security.The piece is titled, “No, the New COVID Vaccine Is Not ‘Morally Compromised.’”

What’s wrong with the piece? Let’s look . . .

For the whole, and well-deserved slap down, click here.


Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 3.12.18 PMClick HERE to register for free or just to learn more. My talk will be on “How to Keep Your Kids Catholic.”

I may be the oldest of the speakers with the largest family. We now have 18 great Catholic grandkids. AND, they know and defend the Faith without hesitation.

You too can raise such kids and grandkids. It takes a plan, and I will share with you the plan my wife and I developed 44 years ago when we got married.

How can we raise rebels? Isn’t “rebel” a bad thing? No, not if it is raising rebels against the Culture of Death and Relativism. Independent kids that are counter-cultural and ready to defend the teachings and morality of the Catholic Church.

Want to hear four of my teenage grandkids discuss the Catholic Truth? Check out the video below.

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My Resolve as our World Spins out of Control

January 23, 2021

After commenting a bit on our dismal situation in the world, a friend wrote to me this morning saying, “Please keep doing what have been doing for many years to come!” I responded, When we got married 44 years ago I told my good wife we had already lost our country, it was just a matter […]

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Join Our Important Pro-Life Conference, especially now!

January 21, 2021

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER FOR FREE Steve Ray here — I will be giving my first exclusively Pro-Life talk at this conference, “The Biblical Basis for Defending Life” The Living ProLife Conference is an online conference with live panel discussions geared towards systematically responding to all the objections that Pro Life advocates encounter, while also providing pastoral formation for all those who want to take a stand for Life. No more than ever, the respect for the dignity of human life is threatened by political and even misleading church leaders.  We have a responsibility to educate ourselves in protecting the greatest gift God has given to us – Life at all stages! Welcome Message from Fr. Leo Patalinghug, founder of Plating Grace CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER FOR FREE Host:   Fr. Leo Patalinghug, founder of Plating Grace Dates:  Friday, January 22nd through Friday, January 29th, leading up to the March for Life What’s Included: – Access to all LIVE Panel Discussions VIP Package: Only $30!* **Ticket sales will support the ministries of the presenters and Pro Life Organizations** The VIP Package includes 50+ presentations from Pro Life Leaders around the world, providing their expertise and insight into Pro Life issues from the moment of conception. […]

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Biden Eats and Drinks His Own Spiritual Death and Causes Scandal & Pelosi’s Archbishop Responds to her & Gomez vs. Cupich

January 21, 2021

The latest Crisis Magazine Article begins: “Yesterday morning at the grand Cathedral of St. Matthew in Washington D.C., Joe Biden ate and drank his own spiritual death. That he received the Holy Eucharist from the hands of a Cardinal of the Church adds scandal upon scandal. One radio wag called it a mass for Planned Parenthood. […]

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2 Minute Audios: Steve’s 6 Rules for Dealing with Non-Catholic Family & Friends

January 19, 2021

People always ask, “What do I say to my husband…?”  or “How do I get my kids back in the Church?  or  “I am getting no where trying to tell my friend about my Faith.” Well Steve came up with Six Rules to help you deal with non-Catholics – especially family and friends. To read […]

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President Trump’s Proclamation Today for Human Life! We will miss him until will get him back again four years from now

January 18, 2021

Every human life is a gift to the world.  Whether born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick, every person is made in the holy image of God.  The Almighty Creator gives unique talents, beautiful dreams, and a great purpose to every person. On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, we celebrate the wonder of human […]

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What Does it Mean to be a Good Catholic Grandparent? Interesting Interview

January 14, 2021

Earlier this week I was interviewed for an hour by Fr. Robert McTeigue SJ on his show “The Catholic Current” on “Station of the Cross Radio. Our topic was about how to be a good and effective grandparent. What can we do to encourage and help our grandkids stay strong Catholics? What if things have failed […]

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The full list of President Trump’s accomplishments shows why leftists are so desperate to ‘unperson’ him

January 13, 2021

As the world focuses on the deletion of Trump’s accounts from the most prominent social media sites, LifeSite presents these lists so that Trump’s pro-life, pro-family accomplishments are not forgotten. Take a look at President Trump’s accomplishments and see why the Left hates him so much. Good article here. LifeSite News also republished my article […]

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Priests Says “Shame on those who voted for Biden!”

January 12, 2021

Couldn’t agree more!

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Know What You Are Voting For, Beware!

November 2, 2020

“I can get you anything … but then the demand.”   Beware who you are voting for and the end result. Even in 2020, some things are beyond criminal. Know what you’re voting for. — Owen W. Brennan (@OwenBrennan) November 1, 2020

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Disappointed with Bishop Barron’s Article on Catholic Voting

October 30, 2020

I just read Bishop Barron’s article/blog concerning voting, and frankly, I was very disappointed. Usually, I try to give the benefit of the doubt and avoid criticizing brothers in the Lord, especially bishops, but this was too much. He contradicts or at least minimalizes what the United States Council of Catholic Bishops said concerning the […]

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What to think about the Pope and his comments of Civil Unions for Homosexuals

October 22, 2020

This morning I had prepared to wax eloquent about the recently revealed comments by Pope Francis and the confusion and dismay they are causing with faithful Catholics and the jubilant “hurrays” coming from the  Catholics who would love to Church to fit the modern world. Remember that GK Chesterton said, “The Catholic Church is the […]

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Bishops Saluting Hitler?

October 21, 2020

Yes, many bishops in the last century supported, saluted and remained silent in the face of the inhumanity perpetrated by Adolf Hitler. And even now, there are bishops who support a political party who slaughters innocent babies and euthanasia. (List of cardinals, bishops, priests who are warning Catholics about pro-abortion Biden-Harris ticket) Sad to say […]

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If Slavery were legal, slavery would be a single issue for voters

October 16, 2020

Today I will pre-record a radio show with Fr. McTeigue SJ, on The Stations of the Cross Radio network. The discussion is entitled “In Defense of Single Issue Voting.” I will make the case that if today one political party held slavery as legal and the other opposed it, that slavery would become a single-issue […]

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