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Visiting with friend, author and theologian at Duquesne University in Rome. Dr. And Fr. Paul Haffner. He shows my Footprints movie in class and invited me to his class. Everyone at cafe waiting for Pompeii tour. Seafood pizza! Yum! Lunch in Pompeii. We're roughing it on this portion of our pilgrimage.
Sure is hard to run on a treadmill when the ship is lurching and swaying! Driving to Bethlehem. Group shopping in Bethlehem. Waiting in line to touch and pray at the place Jesus was born.
Driving to Jerusalem. Sea of Galilee. Panoramic view of Jesus' shoreline including Capernaum. Our group on a boat sailing across the Sea of Galilee. We leave for Jerusalem today.
Back out of Church of Holy Sepulchre. Long lines to get into Tomb. Top of Tomb. Jesus placed in the tomb.
Where the Holy Women stood. First century tombs a few feet away. Entrance to Tomb of Christ. Jesus prepared for burial.
Photos 41 - 60 out of 77 | Back to Albums

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