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Welcome! To a brand new Bible study series for our Youth Group called Footprints of God. Peter: Keeper of the Keys 
(A four-part DVD study on satutdays at 4:45 pm on  9th,16th,23rd & 30th Oct 2010 at St.Patricks Church Utility hall, behind the Sacristy)

Why would Jesus choose a rugged, uneducated fisherman to lead His Church? Discover the answer in Peter, Keeper of the Keys.

Join Stephen Ray (on location), best-selling Catholic author and dynamic speaker, on a journey of adventure and discovery. Follow Peter from Galilee to Jerusalem to Rome. 
He is called the Rock, the Fisher of Men and Head of the Church. But how did Peter — a rustic fisherman — come to deserve such honor and authority?

Along the trail you'll discover answers about the infallibility of the Pope, papal succession, the truth of Catholic teaching and much more! And you'll see why Jesus chose this simple fisherman and his papal successors to be the Keepers of the Keys and Shepherds of the Church. All in a fast-paced, entertaining format that combines the best elements of a travel documentary, a biography, a Bible study, an apologetics course and a Church history study!

Kindly bring along your Bible, notebook and a pen!
GBU, see you all there!!! A very powerful moment: "Son, behold your mother."  Jesus first entrusts the beloved disciple to
 Mary.  Mary is to care for the disciple.  Clearly, Jesus is not making 
provision for the earthly care of his mother after his death.  To the 
beloved, Jesus gifts his own mother.  He is not renouncing the bond that
 binds him to Mary.  He is elevating and expanding it.  The beloved 
disciple is every true believer.  Mary's motherhood is universal.  We 
are all placed in her care.
Mission with Steve Ray...He is AMAZING!!! You cannot help the Church by leaving it or moving against it. A severed hand cannot heal the whole body. The Sisters of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus completed a musical CD of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy that I wrote for them.  I received a final copy today.  It will be presented for sale at all their missions where they educate the Church on Jesus as The Divine Mercy. Happy Feast to all....God Bless!!! <3 <3‌
Steve Ray Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pray for us.
DFF GRoup In the streets of Rome
Photo by:
Aziel Keilah Aguilon, 16 yrs old, frustrated singer.
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