The Great Debate 2004:
"The Canon of the
Has Rome Added or Have Protestants Taken Away?"
A Roman Catholic vs. Protestant Debate on
the Canonicity of the Deuterocanonical (Apocryphal) Books

GARY MICHUTA: "The Deuterocanon (Apocrypha) IS Scripture!"
Gary Michuta is Founder & Director of THY FAITH, Inc., a non-profit Catholic apologetics organization dedicated to helping Catholics competently share and defend their Catholic Faith. He is the author of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JAMES McCARTHY, a rebutal to McCarthy's critique of Catholicism called The Gospel According to Rome, and he has currently begun work on a new book dedicated to the question of the Old Testament canon. He is also a contributor to the future CATHOLIC APOLOGETIC ENCYCLOPEDIA by Ignatius Press. He is the Managing Editor of HANDS ON APOLOGETICS MAGAZINE, one of three nationally published Catholic apologetics magazines in the United States. Contributors to HANDS ON APOLOGETICS include such notables as DR. SCOTT HAHN, STEPHEN RAY, DAVID ARMSTRONG, DAVID PALM and others. Dr. Scott Hahn of Franciscan University of Steubenville said "Hands On Apologetics magazine is a quick, informative and delightful read... it gets better and better every issue." Dr. William Riordan, Professor of Theology at Ave Maria University, said "I recommend Gary Michuta as a speaker on Catholic apologetics. He shows an appreciation of the views that he critiques and offers advice with both clarity and charity." Gary is a popular speaker for conferences as well as Church and Youth Groups all over the United States and Canada. Gary is also the host of the ministry's talk show, HANDS ON APOLOGETICS LIVE, that focuses on the practical aspects of apologetics and evangelism. Gary and his wife Chris live in south-east Michigan with their dog Corky.

JAMES R. WHITE: "The Deuterocanon (Apocrypha) IS NOT Scripture!"
James R. White is Director of ALPHA & OMEGA MINISTRIES, a non-profit, theologically Reformed, Evangelical Protestant Christian apologetics organization in Phoenix, Arizona, where he also serves as one of the elders at the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church. Dr. White was appointed Scholar in Residence in the College of Christian Studies at Grand Canyon University, and was chosen as an Adjunct Professor with the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary's Arizona Campus. Dr. White has lectured in Greek, Hebrew, Systematic Theology and Christology for Golden Gate, and Theology and Church History at Grand Canyon. He is also Professor of Apologetics for Columbia Evangelical Seminary in Longview, Washington. He is the author of almost 20 books, including THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CONTROVERSY, MARY: ANOTHER REDEEMER?, DANGEROUS AIRWAVES: HAROLD CAMPING REFUTED & CHRIST'S CHURCH DEFENDED and THE FORGOTTEN TRINITY. He has also contributed to such publications as TableTalk and The CRI Journal. He has engaged in more than forty five moderated public debates on a very wide range of topics. Dr. White has also served as Critical Consultant for the New American Standard Bible (Update) 1995. He is heard frequently as a guest on such national Christian radio broadcasts as THE BIBLE ANSWER MAN with Hank Hanegraaff and JANET PARSHALL'S AMERICA. He has been married for more than 20 years to Kelli, and has two children, Joshua and Summer. You can visit Dr. White's web site for ALPHA & OMEGA MINISTRIES at

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