First Name: Miguel
Your Story: Came Back To the Truth Will let me share my story with you guys. I was raised Catholic, all my family is Catholic. My parents will take us to church on Sunday. Well during Sunday Mass I will tell my mom I need to go to the bathroom, it was a lied. I will go play in the parking lot. My mother will not look for us. It went on for two years. Those time was when I was teenager. I went to High school and got involved with gangs and drugs , sex. Those years I forgot about God. Those five years of drugs and sex were not good. I was looking for " Love." So I got deeper in to drugs and I had two overdose of cocaine. I was not ready to go and met The Almighty One. So my best friend who was a Fundamentalism took me to his church. He offer to pick me up and drop me off. Since I didn't know about my faith so I didn't care. This happened for two years. So when day that my friend pick me up with another buddy. They started to attack the Catholic Church and about Mary. I had a Catholic Bible, I thought it was the same Bible. They told me to put my Catholic Bible away. My friend said that Mary was nobody important. My friend stated Catholic worship Mary and saints. They were anti-Catholic.. The same day I had a funny feeling in my heart. I heard in my head "go back and learn about your faith." I asked God to give me a sign. My brother in law who owns a book store in Spanish. He said that he was walking around his store and found this book call "Surprise By truth." by Patrick Madrid.. The reason why he gave me the book because it was in English. A month later I open the book. I was glad that I open the book. This book was about people who Convert To Catholicism. A month later a got hold of a tape of Dr. Scott Hahn about his convert. The Bible speak in Matthew 16-18 "And now I say to You: You are Peter ( or Rock) and on this rock I will build my church; and never will the powers of death overcome it. That open my eyes and heart. I glad that my form friend attack the church that open my eyes to the truth.. This letter goes to My Jesus and Mary . And also to my wife & daughter ( Veronica & Julia Serrano_) Here is my e-mail (