Steve Ray’s Presentation at FUS


My dad was under the impression that nobody purchased these the download cards at the event. So he said there was no point to put the recording up. If you purchased one please email me so I can make it available.


Thanks, Jesse Ray 

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Joey Pontarelli February 3, 2013 at 12:19 AM

Hi Mr. Ray,

I saw you speak at FUS a couple weeks back. Great talk! I’m the one who said I was ready to die after your talk.
Anyway, I’m looking for that recording. I’d like to send it to a couple friends. Any idea when it will be available? Thanks & God bless.


Steve Ray here:

The talk will not be posted on my site since no vouchers were purchased. The same basic talk is on sale at It is called swimming upstream and is available on a CD for five dollars. I also heard it will be posted free on the Franciscan University website soon.

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